Sunday, 12 January 2020

‘Come and Join Me in God’s Word’ - Looking to God

Psalm 5:3 NIV Each morning I will look to you in heaven and lay my requests before you, praying earnestly. 

These words are taken from a “House of Prayer – Daily Devotional 

Daily, we must ask God to open our spiritual eyes so we can see Him and to give us spiritual ears to hear Him through the Word of God. Reading and praying to God certainly strengthens faith. Faith in a believer’s heart is given to us through the Holy Spirit of God. He is the One who gives us the confidence we need to grow in Jesus Christ. He teaches us how to quieten our hearts and minds so we are able to listen to God’s voice in the stillness and quietness of our souls. Being busy is not of Him. The word “busy” means Being Under Satan’s Yoke. Satan wants us to be busy, because this takes our eyes and focus off God and stops us from praying and praising God. This is the last thing the enemy wants us to do is praise and thank God. He hates it when we do this. The more we pray and praise God the more he runs away. We need to be yoked to Christ Jesus at all times. Putting on His mantle, characteristics, personality, and very nature is what we need to do daily. Through prayer and faith in God we should expect God to act on our behalf. As we commit our prayers to Him we must realize it has to be when He is ready to answer the prayers we have asked of Him, accepting everything is in God’s timing, and He does not get anything wrong.

Father, I trust You to encourage and enrich me with everything I need to continue to do Your will. I praise and thank You for Your beloved Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and also for giving me the Helper the Holy Spirit of God. He keeps me on the straight path of righteousness and holiness and grants me discernment to see when I am in Your will. I cannot praise and thank You enough for everything You have done for me over the years, drawing me closer and nearer to God in Christ Jesus my precious Lord, I pray. Amen 

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