Sunday, 5 January 2020

Come and Join Me - The Holy Spirit Teaches Us

The Holy Spirit teaches how to have confidence in Christ Jesus. He also states that nothing will harm or hurt believers without the Lord’s permission. He teaches those who believe in Jesus to trust Him, have confidence in Him, and to rely upon Him. Reading and meditating on Scripture builds up faith.
At all times we need to focus upon God and not upon our situations. However, we do need to ask for God’s wisdom, instructions, and guidance to help us to know how to walk in His ways. We most certainly need to search for the principles of God, which are written for us in the Bible.


Holy Spirit, I ask You to fill me with confidence in Jesus Christ. Help me to see through the eyes of Christ that nothing will harm or hurt me as stated in Your Word. I trust in the Word of God what is written cannot be changed. I stand upon God’s Word and promises and take His promises deep into my heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit. I pray my faith will be increased daily, as I continue to meditate upon God’s promises, I will constantly focus on God and not on my situations. I ask the Holy Spirit of God for wisdom, instructions, and guidance, to help me to keep in the centre of God’s will. I surrender completely in submission and obedience, and I relinquish my life, body, spirit, soul, and heart to Him forever and always I pray.. Amen 

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