Saturday, 16 May 2020

‘Come and Join Me in God’s Word’ – Pay Close Attention to What You Hear

Mark 4:24 NLT Then He added, “Pay close attention what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given – and you will receive more.”

The more I read God’s Word, the more I long and thirst for it. I cannot live my life without reading it any longer. I pay close attention to what I hear and want to have more understanding of what God’s Word means to me. I do not want to be deceived by the world, and the contents within it. The light of Jesus truth is revealed to me, not hidden. The closer I listen, the more understanding will be given to me – and I will receive more. I may not always be able to see or to use all of that truth right now. Only when I put God’s teachings into practice will I understand and see more of the truth. The truth is clear, but my ability to understand imperfect. As I obey God, I will sharpen my vision and increase my understanding (see James 1:22-25).


Heavenly Father, I desire to pay attention to what I hear in Your Word. I desire to be given more understanding as I listen closely to You. I thirst and yearn for the Gospel of Christ, and having the knowledge of the truth He brings into my heart. I cannot live my life without Him. I need Him to reveal more and more of the truth through the Holy Spirit of God, and I ask Him to make it absolutely clear to me what You want me to know and understand. I praise and bless You as I walk in obedience to Your Sovereign will. You will sharpen my vision and increase my understanding in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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