Friday, 30 August 2013

New Blog Post: "God Opens the Doors"

What do you do when you feel all the doors are closed on you? You are trying to walk in submission and be obedient to God but you are unsure in the way you are walking? Do you go and try to do things in your own strength or do you wait for God’s guidance and instruction from His Spirit?
We must constantly pray to God to instruct us and teach us to walk in His will and ways. When we depend upon our own strength, emotions and feelings this is when things tend to go wrong. We have to learn how to wait upon God and not to move one inch until we have clear direction from His Spirit. However, waiting on God is never easy. God promises us to guide and lead us into His truth. We must trust Him that He does know what is best for each one of His children.
If we do not have God’s peace within our hearts then we should not do anything. When God closes door’s it is for our own protection. He may be trying to protect us from making mistakes. We must constantly be sensitive to His Holy Spirit asking Him continually for guidance and instruction in the way He want us to walk. We may not have adequate knowledge to make the right choices, this is when we do need to depend and lean upon Jesus Christ to bring the answer’s we need through His Word.
He is the only One who can give to us the opportunities and deep satisfaction we need within our hearts which enable us to use opportunities to glorify Him. He is the One who sends bigger opportunities as our faith grows in Him.
There is only one way to walk on this earth that is by being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, God does test us in our faith and we discover what we really believe about Him as His plans unfold within our hearts. When our path seems blocked this is a great opportunity of us to persevere and develop our steadfastness in Jesus Christ.

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