Monday, 1 July 2013

New Blog Post: "God Saves His People"

Acts 2:21 NIV Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

For the first forty years of my life the enemy (the evil one) had a hold upon my life it was in total chaos. He did all he could to cause me pain and suffering because he knew I would become God’s child one day. He tried everything possible to keep me in the darkness and bound to his strongholds.
I went into hospital for a major operation this is when my life changed. God had sent someone to find me. She already was a strong Christian with great faith. God purposed that we should meet one another even though she was in one ward and I was in another ward. God had spoken to her before she went into hospital and told her that He wanted her to meet someone. She prayed and asked the Lord Jesus to guide and lead her to the person He wanted her to meet. The next day when she awoke from her operation she was in a bed diagonally across from me.
God was using her to draw me close to Himself. I could see she was struggling and my natural instincts were to go and try to help her. I had been in hospital on and off from the age of thirteen having minor and major operations and so I seemed to be able to cope with whatever I had to face easily. I went to her bed and asked her if I could do anything to help her. She asked me to give her a drink of soda water as she had been told that if you felt sick it would help to take the sickness away. So I did what she asked and I gave her a glass of soda water and went back to my bed.  
In the days ahead our relationship began to grow. One day I found myself blurting out to her “You’re spiritual aren’t you.” I really did not have a clue why I would say this to her. She replied to me and said, “Well if you mean I am Born Again Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and I accepted that He died on the Cross for me forgiving me all my sin then yes I am.”  Why do you not believe in Jesus Christ then?’  My response to her was very indignant when I replied ‘yes I do’. From the moment I expressed and acknowledged Jesus Christ with my lips my life changed radically. I had my own personal divine encounter with God in the hospital and knew without a shadow of a doubt I had met with my Saviour and Lord. I found myself asking God to forgive me everything I had done which was contrary to His Word. Then I heard in an audible voice God saying to me, “Avril, everything that has been wrong in your life I the Lord thy God will put everything right.” I began to cry uncontrollably. I must have woken up my friend with my crying and she came to my bedside to make sure I was alright. I told her what had happened to me all she said was “Praise the Lord” then she returned to her bed. God really does have a great sense of humour. I had accepted Jesus Christ into my life without me even knowing it.
God won the battle over the darkness in my life for me and my life was changed forever it would never be the same again.  
The truth of His Word began to unfold within my heart and mind. The more I read the Scripture’s and prayed the more freedom came to my life. I hated and loathed evil as God did. Every opportunity God gave to me with His people I would speak out against evil where and when it was possible. I did not want others to be led astray as I had been led astray by the evil one. I wanted them to know the truth of who God is. He was real a person whom I had a daily relationship with. He lived on the inside of me and could also live on the inside of them if they acknowledged Him and wanted Him as I did.
God’s love, grace, mercy, favour and His perfect peace has been poured by Him into my heart and life. This has meant so much to me to know God has healed me from all the hurt, pain, sufferings, anxieties and worries the enemy had given to me. I praise God for all of His love and faithfulness He has bestowed upon me through Jesus Christ my precious Lord.

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