Saturday, 18 April 2015

New Blog Post: ‘Make it Clear to Me O God’

 Genesis 32:9-11 TLB Then Jacob prayed, “O God of Abraham my grandfather, and of my father Isaac – O Jehovah who told me to return to the land of my relatives, and said that you would do me good – I am not worthy of the least of all your loving-kindnesses shown me again and again just as you promised me. For when I left home I owned nothing except a walking stick! And now I am two armies! O Lord, please deliver me from destruction at the hand of my brother Esau, for I am frightened – terribly afraid that his is coming to kill me and these mothers and my children.


O God, of my father Abraham, God of my father Isaac, O Lord, who said to me ‘Go back and return to your country and your relatives and I will make you prosper?’ I am unworthy of all the kindnesses and faithfulness You have shown towards me Your servant.
Save me, I pray, as You have promised me from my family and friends. You have put Yourself within my reach in Your promises, You have said it, so I know You will do it and bring this family into the one kingdom and we will become the one stick and one nation and serve the living God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
I take You at Your Word, I believe in faith You really mean it and You will do exactly what You have said You would do. I accept Your very words in which You have revealed to me. Bring Christ’s Word – Christ’s promise, and Christ’s sacrifice – His Blood, with You into my household, and not one of Heaven’s blessings can be denied me, for my love and devotion is for Jesus Christ. You have promised to put everything that has been wrong within my life right. I praise and thank You for everything You have spoken to me about my life and I pray all things will come into fruition at Your appointed time. Your Word and promises are trustworthy and true. I magnify and exalt Your name now and always in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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