Thursday, 29 January 2015

New Blog Post: ‘Waiting Time’

Psalm 31:15 ”My times are in Your hands; deliver me from the hands of my foes and those who pursue me and persecute me.”


Father, I confess before You I do get impatient at times, because I do so want to see Your glory instantly. Forgive me. My times are in Your hands; deliver me from the hands of all my enemies and those who pursue and persecute me, for I am Your child.
I know You are in control of my life and You will always do what is right and best for me. I have at times forgotten how to be happy and enjoy my life in the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord, that You have been offering me. Sometimes, I have felt bogged down by all of my troubles, family, and friends that I lose sight of all the joy and happiness You bring to my life. Teach me how to ‘Let Go and Let God’.
In the precious name of Jesus Christ, help me to enjoy my life day by day, as I wait upon You help me to remind myself that I am waiting for You - I know the wait will always be worth it.
God, You, want me to live – and enjoy the waiting time. I will not just focus on receiving or moving on, but will focus on relishing the moments God has given me to relax, and enjoy them as gifts from God Himself.

From this day forward whatever plans You have made for my life, I shall take it one step at a time as I see the daily miracles of God in the awesome power of Jesus Christ and in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit of God. Amen.

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