Friday, 5 December 2014

New Blog Post: ‘Marvellous In Your Eyes’

Matthew 21:42 KJV ‘It is marvellous in our eyes.’


Lord Jesus, let me see the walk You want me to have through Your eyes and for Your purpose. I am not perfect; I have been chastised, but never discarded, so I am encouraged that I can be used by God in some small way. I freely admit that I have fallen short of my goal, yet the light that shines from my earthen vessel still illuminates my walk two millennia’s years later. You give me a perfect word, through an imperfect vessel. That’s a high calling of God and it is through ordinary people like me that You fulfil it. In my weaknesses You make me strong, You hear me in my struggles knowing I can always run to You O God and  know You will deliver me through the battle. Although there is a dent in my armour this will not affect my performance on the battlefield. I pray You will always use me and increase my faith and prayer life enabling me to stand in the gap for Your people. Prayer is my confidence and strength. My boldness I have in God’s presence; that if it agrees with what He wants, He hears me. If I know He hears me every time I ask Him, I know I have what I have asked from Him. It is great to know I can depend and lean upon Him for each need I have through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

From the moment I began my journey with God I realised the importance of prayer. Prayer has been the backbone of my faith and an invaluable strength. We must read God’s Word and ask for His wisdom and knowledge to help us to make the right decisions in trials we have to face. When God gives us a promise through His Word we must pray about it and act upon it when He leads us to do so.
God gave me a Word and a promise in Jeremiah 30:17 for my sister. I believed what God had said to me and I knew He would not let me down. All He wanted from me was to pray and trust Him all the way. I did not waver in the promise He had given to me. My confidence was in Him and not in me.
My sister had an aneurysm in her brain she needed surgery for this. The date for the operation was set and I went to be with her. She was omitted into hospital and they did all the checks on her before she went into the theatre which was to be the next day.
The Professor who was operating on her told us that the operation should take two hours and he would phone us when the operation was complete. We went into the hospital before she went into theatre that day. We were there by 6am and she was taken to theatre at 7am. We said our goodbyes then we left to await the Professors phone call to tell us how the operation went. We waited six and half hours before the Professor phoned us and he told us although the operation had been complicated she had come through and was in ICU. We were able to go and see her in ICU and we could see she was okay. It is time like this you find the importance of communicating with God through prayer. Prayer is the most effective and essential tool we can ever have. If we have believing hearts through prayer it is amazing what God will do.  Seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness is what we must do. Asking Him for His will and not our own is a hard thing to do, but it has to be done no matter what the circumstances maybe. God gave us a miracle that day, my sister came through the operation without any effects from it whatsoever. It is a miracle from God and we treasured it with all our hearts. We give all the honour, praise and glory to our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ our precious Lord and in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit of God. My sister is on the road to recovery and all the glory is God’s alone. Only He is worthy to be praised, adored and loved. We have a great and wonderful Saviour through Jesus Christ our Lord. God promise to me has come to pass and I am so grateful and thankful to Him for fulfilling the promised He made with me where my sisters life is concerned.

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