Friday, 12 December 2014

New Blog Post: ‘The Battle Belongs to God’

Psalm 57:7 NCV My heart is steady, God; my heart is steady. I will sing and praise You.


O my precious God, come with Your great power and rescue me! Defend me with Your might. O God, listen to my prayer. Pay attention to my plea. Strangers are attacking me; violent men are trying to kill me. They are nothing for God, but You, O God are my Helper. You are the One, Lord who keeps me alive! ‘May my enemies’ plans for evil be turned against them? Do as You promised, Lord, and do as You have said and by putting an end to them?
My heart is confident in You alone, no wonder I can sing Your praises. When I am attacked and confronted with verbal attacks, I realize my best defence is simply to be quiet and praise You O God, putting my faith, confidence and trust in Your love and faithfulness.
I will not turn to self-pity in my suffering, but always look upward to God. I cast all my anxieties, care and troubles upon Jesus Christ, because He really does care for me. Everything that I do, I make the decision to follow Him in obedience and I will obey the Holy Spirit of God now and always in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Lessons To Be Learnt

We all have to learn the power of God and what His power can do to help us through Jesus Christ. Having a relationship with God is the most important relationship anyone of us can have. This is why He sent His Holy Spirit to us, to help and lead us into His perfect will.
We cannot depend or lean upon our own strength and power, but we do have to learn to lean upon God’s strength and power. The Holy Spirit of God helps us to do this.
David had a real relationship with God. As a shepherd boy God taught him to rely upon His power and strength and not on his own power and strength. He looked to God and His power to deliver him. He knew God would be faithful to Him because He had seen God’s power working in his life previously and God had never let him down.
David put on Saul’s sword and tried to walk around, but he was not used to all the armour Saul had put on him. He said to Saul, “I can’t go in this, because I am not used to it.” Then David took it all off. He took his stick in his hand and chose five smooth stones from a stream. He put them in his shepherd’s bag and grabbed his sling. Then he went to meet the Philistine. (1 Samuel 17:39-40 NCV)
But David said to Goliath, “You come to me using a sword and two spears. But I come to you in the name of the Lord All-Powerful, the God of the armies of Israel! You have spoken against Him. Today the Lord will hand you over to me, and I’ll kill you and cut off your head. Today I’ll feed the bodies of the Philistine soldiers to the birds of the air and the wild animals. Then all the world will know there is a God in Israel! Everyone gathered here will know the Lord does not need swords or spears to save people. The battle belongs to Him, and He will hand you over to us.” (1 Samuel 17:45-47 NCV)
David defeated the Philistine because he relied upon God’s power and not on his own power. We should follow his example and rely upon God’s power and not on our own power. Then we will see God’s best for each one of His children. We all need to trust and have faith in Jesus Christ having confidence that God hears all our prayers and He will answer us in accordance to His perfect will at His appointed time.  

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