Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘Harnessed To God’

Come to me and I will give you rest—all of you who work so hard beneath a heavy yoke. Wear my yoke—for it fits perfectly—and let me teach you; for I am gentle and humble, and you shall find rest for your souls; for I give you only light burdens.(Matthew 11:28-30 NLT)


Heavenly Father, I come to You first, I want to be harnessed to You in an intimate relationship – I know if I do this You will give me rest. If I wear Your yoke – it will fit perfectly upon me – I will let You teach me through Jesus Christ my Lord, and in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit of God. 
I am in the Holy Spirit’s school of teaching, and I am willing to learn eagerly from Him what He wants me to know and do. He is gentle and humble, and I find rest for my soul; He only gives me light burdens, He carry’s the load for me. I praise and thank Him with my heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit.
I will listen to God’s words and I will look at His life, there is no other way, but in the way of Jesus Christ. I will find all the answers to all my greatest questions, issues, and problems. Your Word provides the rock-solid foundations for my faith in Christ. When I act upon His words, my faith will grow as never before. You will perform Your Word in my life, and I harness myself to You this is when I do what You say. I receive Your Words into my mind and heart, by keeping Your Words, I will have a greater level of intimacy with You and the Father that will go beyond anything I have ever experienced before. I hold onto Your promise forever and always in Jesus Christ’s precious name. Amen.

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