Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Come and Join Me in God’s Word’ – Birth Your Vision

Taken from A House of Prayer- Daily Devotional – Avril English


Daniel 9:22-23 “God’s vision will come to pass.” 


Father, through the minister of the church You instructed me to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. I am following Your instructions in obedience. Thank You for giving me the insight and understanding enabling me to put Your Words into practice and have Your teachings in the centre of my heart and life. As I pray and read Your Word, Your teachings are unfolding within my heart through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit of God. You say to me, “Many souls are going to be redeemed and saved through my testimony and witness.” Satan has tried all he can to shake my faith he tries to destroy my family, friends, and me. You constantly remind me of the covenant You have made with me. I cling to Your promises as You have planted the “seed in my body”. Now I pray You would birth Your vision and plans to the earth where I will be able to magnify and glorify my God. You are a great God, an Almighty God, and only You are worthy to be praised. Amen

Lessons To Be Learnt 

When God tells you He is going to do something in your life you, either believe Him or doubt Him. When He speaks His Word to us, we must always trust Him to do what He has said and test it alongside Scripture. We must not want to do anything God does not want us to do. All we should want is to be in the centre of His will and do things the way He asks us to do them. His peace continues to reign within our hearts. He will never let us down. If you are still waiting for God to birth the vision He has promised you here on this earth, You may have to wait until God is ready to do this. He may be preparing us to be ready and equipping you to do His work. It is no good going out into the world if the Master has not first taught you. You must first go into the “Holy Spirit’s School of Teaching”, where He teaches the lessons you must learn.

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