Friday, 29 September 2017

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘Pray Wisely‘

He went forward a little, and fell face downward on the ground, and prayed, “My Father! If it is possible, let this cup be taken away from me. But I want your will, not mine.” (Matthew 26:39 TLB)
Sometimes we want to know our futures and understand the reason why we may be anxious or troubled. We want to get quick answers for what we are going through, and we must pray effectively, our goal should not be to to offer quick, thoughts, or self-willed prayers in hopes of receiving speedy answers. Instead, we must learn to pray wisely and wait patiently. Along with voicing our concerns and requests to God, we should also offer ourselves up in submission to our Father, as Jesus did in Gethsemane. (Matthew 26:39) Jesus knew what lay ahead for Him, and He knew the reason why He had to go through it. Even so, His struggles were intense – more wrenching than any struggle we will ever have to face. What does it take to be able to say, “I want Your will to be done”? It takes firm trust in God’s plans; it takes prayer and obedience each step of the way. When we are yielded and obedience to the Lord, His Spirit guides us and provides the wisdom we need in order to pray according to His will.

Holy Spirit, thank You for teaching me how to pray. Thank You for showing me You know what the future holds and You will take care of it for me. I am ever grateful and thankful to You for this. I want Your will to be done on earth as it is heaven for the honour, praise and glory of Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘Love Does No Wrong‘

Love does no wrong to anyone. That’s why it fully satisfies all of God’s requirements. It is the only law you need. Another reason for right living is this: you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for the coming of the Lord is nearer now than when we first believed. (Romans 13:10-11TLB)

You cannot go wrong when you love others. This is why it satisfies all of God’s requirements. But make sure that you don’t get so absorbed and exhausted in taking care of all your day-to-day obligations that you lose track of the time and doze off, oblivious to God. Each waking moment holds the potential for us to think a creative thought or offer a heartfelt prayer. So even if you a person with too many demands and too few hours in which to meet them, take comfort in the knowledge that when you seek to discover God’s priorities for your life, He will provide answers in marvellous and surprising ways. This is the day the Lord has made, and He has filled it with opportunities to love, to serve, and to seek His guidance. Seize every opportunity. As a gift to yourself, to your family, and to the world, slow down and take each day moment by moment. In doing this you will soon discover that God’s blessings come tucked in the pockets of right priorities.


Father, help me to continue to love others even when they do wrong towards me. I know this is one of Your requirements You want me to do in the name of Jesus. Help me to live my life moment by moment and enjoy each day by living in a right, giving me the right opportunities to glorify Your name, in the name of Jesus I do so pray. Amen. 

Monday, 25 September 2017

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘Doing God’s Will‘

For I have come here from heaven to do the will of God who sent me, not to have my own way. (John 6:38 TLB)

It is really wonderful when we seek the Father’s will, He gives such joy to our hearts. When we focus our hearts and minds on doing our Father’s will and putting aside our will this is when great peace comes to our hearts and minds. Because we can search in God’s Word, we find the answer we need, and the Father reveals His will perfectly, and we can act on it at any given time. When we do act on God’s Word, the Holy Spirit will give us the grace, power, and faith to do exactly what pleases the Father. Doing His will produces a joy that no one can take from you. It is a joy that is centred in His eternal purposes. When I lack joy, I realise that is because my focus has been diverted away from seeking God’s will.


Father, it is wonderful that I am able to seek Your will. It brings such joy to my heart. I must always focus my thoughts on You, putting aside my will and doing the Father’s will this is so important to me. Thank You for the Holy Spirit, He gives me grace, power, and faith to do exactly what pleases You. I thank and praise You in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Friday, 22 September 2017

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘Being Assured‘

And we are sure of this, that he will listen to us whenever we ask him for anything in line with his will. And if we really know he is listening when we talk to him and make our requests, then we can be sure that he will answer us. (1 John 5:14-15 TLB)

Sometimes when we pray, we are not sure whether God listens and hears our prayers. The more we read the Word of God, the more confident we become. If we dare to admit it, there are also times when we just want God to do what we ask, without regard to what He desires. Our assurance comes from having confidence in His Word, not from any emotions and feelings we may have. It is hard when we pray, we cannot know if our prayers are in alignment with His will. This is when the Holy Spirit of God, teaches us to rely upon, lean upon, and depend upon Him in our faith and trust in Him. He knows what He wants us to go through. And He also knows what the outcome will be. Our faith is being tested, through our trials and tribulations to prove whether our faith is genuine. 


Father, thank You; for sending the Holy Spirit of God, to abide in me. Thank You, through Him, and His teachings; I can lean, rely, depend upon Him to show me the prayers that I am praying are in alignment with His will in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘Wonderful Truth‘

When I come back to life again, you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you. (John 14:20 TLB)

Jesus has taught me I was in Him, and I would know that He is in His Father, and I was in Him also. He showed me how I can be as unified and as intimate as He was with His first disciples. I must believe in this truth and act on it. I must let His words and His life dwell in my heart and guide my behaviour through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit of God. If I would do this, nothing would be impossible for me.  “In solemn truth I tell you, anyone believing in me shall do the same miracles I have done, and even greater ones, because I am going to be with the Father. You can ask him for anything, using my name, and I will do it, for this will bring praise to the Father because of what I, the Son, will do for you. Yes, ask anything, using my name, and I will do it!” (John 14:12-14TLB)


O my precious God, I praise and thank You, that I dwell and abide in You, as You abide and dwell within me. Thank You for teaching me the truth that believing in You, I can ask for anything using Your name, and You will do it in accordance to Your will in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

Monday, 18 September 2017

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘Heavenly Light‘

They hated the heavenly Light because they wanted to sin in the darkness. They stayed away from that Light for fear their sins would be exposed and they would be punished. But those doing right come gladly to the Light to let everyone see that they are doing what God wants them to.” (John 3:20-12 TLB)

Some people want to get close to me, and others run away from me, especially when I speak about Jesus or the Father. I realise they are running away not from me, but from Jesus Christ, who lives within me. I was willing to give up the things I’d had in the world and the god I served. I had given up following the darkness when the truth was exposed to me by the light of Jesus Christ’s truth. I would not be discouraged. Others – those who desire and practice the truth – will be attracted to the light they see. The more I share the Good News of Christ, the Holy Spirit will open people’s eyes and give birth in their spirits just as He had given birth to my spirit, when I became ‘Born Again Christian.’ All people need to hear God’s Word. No matter what trials we may face. As disciples of God, we all need to speak the truth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the only One who can set the captives free. 


Heavenly Father, thank You for revealing the Light of Christ to me, and forgiving and redeeming me from all my sins. You have cleansed and purified me from all my sins. You have rescued me from the path and the power of the Evil One and have set me free from the darkness of this world. I will be forever grateful and thankful to You, for the truth which was given to me through the Holy Spirit of God. Amen. 

Friday, 15 September 2017

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘God Knows Everything‘

O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me. You know when I sit or stand. When far away you know my every thought. (Psalm 139:1-2 TLB)

Sometimes we don’t let people get to know us completely because we are afraid they will discover something about us that they won’t like. But God already knows everything about us, as He has examined our hearts. He knows when we sit or stand up. When we are far away He knows our every thought and He still accepts and loves us. We can never escape from His Spirit! We can never get away from His presence! He is with us through every situation and trial – He is protecting us, loving us, and guiding us into His perfect will. We have no reason to fear. God will protect us with His angels and archangels. He has placed His hand of blessings upon our heads, such knowledge is too wonderful for us to understand. He will bring us to a place of safety and lead us along the right path where we find rest. 


O my precious God, You have examined my heart and You know everything about me. You know when I sit or stand up. When I am far away You know my every thought. How wonderful it is to know that You are with me - protecting me, loving me, and guiding me into Your perfect will where I find rest for my soul, through Jesus Christ my Lord, I give praise and thanks. Amen. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘Purpose And Plan‘

The Lord will work out his plans for my life—for your loving-kindness, Lord, continues forever. Don’t abandon me—for you made me. (Psalm 38:8 TLB)

Every person that meets with God, God shows them He has a purpose and a plan for their lives. When we lived in the world we worked hard to see the dream and plans come true. Now when someone becomes a Christian, he becomes a brand new person inside. He is not the same anymore. A new life has begun! All these new things are from God who brought us back to himself through what Christ Jesus did. And God has given us the privilege of urging everyone to come into his favour and be reconciled to Him. We simply need to know that the Father never does anything without purpose and that His purposes always are right and perfect. He alone knows what is best for us; He alone can fulfil His purpose for us. As we make plans and dream dreams, talk to God about them and include Him in everything we do.  Make the most of our lives allowing Him to guide and leads us into His perfect plan and His dreams will become our dreams.


O my precious God, how grateful and thankful I am to You for allowing me to be apart of Your perfect plans. You shall work out the purpose of Your plans and dreams within me and they shall come forth in the glory, praise, honour, of Your precious and holy name in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.