Friday, 4 October 2013

New Blog Post: "Disappointment"

Psalm 22:5 NIV They cried to You and were saved; in You they trusted and were not disappointed.

Have you ever felt disappointed? Have you ever felt man/woman has let you down? For me I have felt all those things. God had to show me when I put my trust in human nature things go wrong. He is teaching me when I put my love and faith in Him, He will never let me down as man had done.
Through my life I have always had the desire to help others. I was born into a big family and was the second youngest child. The children who were older than me and my younger sibling seemed to get all the attention from my parents and I felt left out. I have never been able to go to my family for help. They have always put conditions upon the help they wanted to give me. This has caused me a lot of disappointment in my life. I felt a failure and felt let down by them. When they were in any kind of trouble I was the first one who would offer my help to them. I cannot say the same of them. The same (love, liking, or affection) I felt for them and my passions for them was not reciprocated. Experience has shown me that people use you for their own selfish gain. I have always tried to treat people the way I wanted to be treated myself but sometimes they have not reach my expectations. These disappointments led me to be discontented, dissatisfied, distressed, disillusioned and I felt frustrated. When you say you are going to do something for someone unless there is some special reason you are unable to do for them what you said you would do then you should follow through what you said you would do. This is why a lot of people feel let down because they are given false promises. This opens the door to disappointment and they feel insecure because they feel once again they could be let down and they lose their trust.
It was when I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart I felt love for the first time. He showed me His love for me was unconditional. I did not have to prove anything to Him. He just accepted me for me showing me He had a purpose for my life which no-one else could fulfill. All He expected from me was my obedience to Him and He would do the rest.
If I have to face any kind of problems now my natural instinct is to go straight to the Lord in prayer. I have learnt how to trust Him completely knowing His presence is continually with me helps me understand through the Holy Spirit of God He is there helping me.  I have learnt how to depend upon Him to deliver me through each trial and no matter what my circumstances maybe. God has my best interests at heart and He will only do what is right and best for me.

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