Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Blog Post: "Walking with God"

2 John 4 NIV It has given me great joy to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as the Father commanded us.

Having a relationship with God is the most important relationship we could ever have. It was through my own personal divine encounter with Jesus Christ in the hospital, which changed my life radically. One moment I was walking in the path of evil and then suddenly in a twinkle of an eye I found myself accepting Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord and began to pray to God through Jesus Christ’s Name with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit of God who helped and showed me I was accepted and adopted as God’s child into the Kingdom of Light with Him.  
My walk with God began. I had urgency for prayer and to read the Bible alongside my daily readings. Each day was so exciting; I had such love and longings within my heart for God. I could not wait to meet God and to sit with Him each morning in the place which was special to me. God began to teach me through the Holy Spirit of God what He wanted me to do. I yearned and thirsted for Him and found prayer and reading God’s Word began to come alive within me. It brought me love, joy, peace and happiness which I had not experienced for a long time. I knew this was all due to God because He loved me and He was showing me how much His love meant. For the first time in my life I realized that God’s love was different to the world’s love. It was pure, holy and godly and I did not have to do anything to get it but just open up my heart to receive it. It was an unconditional love which I didn’t have to earn. I praised and thanked God continually. I could see God had always loved and been faithful to me even before I knew Him personally I had never felt quite like this before. I was changing and seeing things from His point of view and not my own.
He showed me He had always watched over me and took care of me in everything I needed. On hindsight God had protected me from all evil and harm and did not let the enemy have his way in my life because He had chosen me and I belonged to Him. Even though I had to go through many trials and tribulations some of those trials were unpleasant at the time but God taught me how to lean, rely, and depend upon Him and He met each one of my needs as they came.
Having these trials brought me into a deeper and closer relationship with God. He encouraged and helped me and taught me how to persevere and to trust Him and never to give up even when the trials were tough. I knew God’s plans were perfect for my life and nothing on this earth would ever thwart the plans God had made for me. He did not say it would be easy for me but what He did say was He would be there to help me through each situation I faced. My faith is in God. I trust and expect Him to work out all the details He has planned for my life with Him being in His rightful place as head of my household. I would do the best I could to walk in the path of truth with Jesus Christ and always would be thankful that the Holy Spirit of God was within me to help me to keep the commandments of my Father.  

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