Monday, 13 May 2013



Christ, the Living, Bright Reality
Spirit of God, infill, infill, my entire being, deeper, deeper, deeper yet. In the depth of my nature, when I am least thinking about it, go on day by day as the antiseptic of my flesh or self-life. Antagonize it, work against it, keep it out of sight, keep it under Christ.”
The Holy Ghost will do it.
But you say: “Mr Meyer, I am so afraid that if I am always dealing with the self-life, it will hurt me. It will be like standing by a bier and seeing death disintegrate a corpse.”
I reply – and this is the beauty of it – that while the Spirit of God in the depth of your heart is antagonizing the self-life, He does it by making Jesus Christ a living bright reality. He fixes your thoughts upon Jesus. You do not think about the Spirit, you hardly think about self, but you think much about your dear LORD; and all the time that you are thinking about Him, the process of disintegration and dissolution and death of self is going on within your heart.
A dear sister said to me once: “I am going to spend a whole day praying for the Holy Ghost.”
She went to a hut in a wood, and she came back to me at night and said, “I have had a grand day, but I am disappointed. I do not feel that I have more of the Holy Ghost now that I did.”
“But,” I said, “is Jesus much to you?”
“Oh,” she replied, “Jesus never was so sweet and precious as He is now.”
“Why, my dear woman,” I said, “that is the Holy Ghost, because He glorifies Christ, and when the Holy Ghost works most, you do not think about the Holy Ghost, but you think about your dear LORD.”
The Holy Spirit may make you know what it is to have Jesus as the centre and origin of your life. The fountain hitherto has been self. O, cursed self! The world says: “Not Christ, but Barabbas, self.” The Christian says: “Not Barabbas, but Christ.” Let us send Barabbas to the cross. Let us free Christ to live in us.

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