Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Blog Post: "Being Obedient To The Call Of God."


Lord Jesus, I will be obedient to your will and follow the call of the Spirit of God. You have laid down the path You want me to follow and I will walk in faith, trust, and be confident You will make all things clear to me. I know my hands are in Your hands. I will always be safe and Your blessings will attend me. You have taken the scales from my eyes and You shall give me the vision, foresight and the insight to allow me to look through the Scriptures which have been hidden from angels. I thank You for giving me the Great Spirit of Discernment, so the darkness will be exposed to the light of Jesus Christ. I thank You for these precious gifts and I will use them to glorify, magnify and exalt the Name of Jesus to the praise and honour of my Heavenly Father. Amen

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