Monday, 20 May 2013

New Blog Post: "Plead the Blood of Christ"

Reading: Romans 3:25

“Have faith in Christ’s Blood.”


Lord Jesus, I will not compromise anything where my family or friends are concerned. Where the enemy seeks to roam around like a lion, seeking to devour them, I will not give the enemy an inch – no, not an inch. I plead that the precious blood of Jesus Christ be upon them and me, claiming them all for Your eternal Kingdom. The seed of God has been sown in their lives; I ask You to cultivate the soil, pluck out all the weeds, fertilize the ground, and water the seeds to grow through the power of the Holy Spirit of God. May they be deep rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus our precious Lord. The work You began in them will see them through until the second coming of Christ. May the glory and honour be to our God our heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ His beloved Son and in the power of the Holy Spirit of God, I come. Amen

We need to plead the Blood of Christ Jesus and use His Blood effectively through prayer. His blood is the atonement through faith for all sinners. God shows us not to compromise our faith for anyone, especially where family and friends are concerned. Praying through the Holy Spirit of God teaches how to pray and what to pray for. He shows us the power of the Blood of Christ, and when used in the correct way, this will breakdown strongholds, end our captivity, and set us free to live our lives peacefully with God in the light with Jesus Christ our Lord.

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