Friday, 1 August 2014

New Blog Post: “You Hate the Wicked”


Lord, I trust in You for my protection against all my enemies. The wicked try to set traps for me in dark places at those who are honest. When all that is good falls apart, what can good people do?
You are in Your holy temple; You sit on Your throne in heaven. You see what people do; You keep Your eyes on them.
You Lord, test those who do right, but You hate the wicked and those who love to hurt others. You will send hot coals and burning sulphur on the wicked. A whirlwind is what they will get. You Lord, do what is right, and You love justice, so honest people will see Your face. Save me, Lord, because the good people are all gone; no true believers are left on earth. Everyone lies to his neighbours; they say one thing and mean another.
The Lord will stop those flattering lips and cut off those bragging tongues. They say, “Our tongues will help us win. We can say what we wish; no one is our master.”
But the Lord says, “I will now rise up, because the poor are being hurt. Because the moans of the helpless, I will give them the help they want.” Your Words are pure, like silver purified by fire, like silver purified seven times over.
Lord, You will keep us safe; You will always protect us from such people. But the wicked are all around us; everyone loves what is wrong. We will continue to trust in You, Lord, for You never get things wrong and we are protected by Your precious Blood and Your holy name through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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