Friday, 14 February 2020

‘Come and Join Me in God’s Word’ – The Path of Life

ACTS 2:28 You have made known to me the paths of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence. 

God shows His Word is within our hearts. He anoints our mouths and lips to do His speaking. We must obey when He asks us to speak to His people. There is no question of being disobedient. We should always be completely obedient to Him and be under His control. He prompts us to speak or when to be quiet through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit of God. God guides and leads us to His people as He knows each and every person by name.


Heavenly Father, You are showing me the path for my life; You fill me with joy in Your presence I am thankful and grateful to You for this. I lean on, trust in and I am confident in You, Lord; with all of my heart and mind and I do not rely upon my own insight or understanding. You, Lord are my defence, my God my Rock and my Refuge. Whatever my circumstances may be, You can tell me something about myself as I lean upon Thee. 
I know You have a special plan for my life, which only You can fulfill it. You have set me on the path to achieving Your goals for my life. I recongnise my worth daily as I follow You always in Jesus Christ my precious Lord. Amen 

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