Friday, 18 July 2014

New Blog Post; “God Protects Me”


O my precious God, listen to my prayer as I pray to You through Jesus Christ my precious Lord. You understand my sadness when I cry to You for help.  You are my King the God of my salvation and I am so thankful and grateful to You for this. I put my faith, love and trust in You.
Each morning I come to You to pray believing You are listening to me. I am able to talk all things through with You asking You to meet the needs of Your people as I intercede for them. You are so gracious and loving to Your people this is why I am able to pray for them with confidence and in faith.
Since the first moment You met with me and I acknowledge You as my personal Saviour and Lord, You placed the desires within my heart to pray for the heart of Your people in faith. You have given me patience to wait until You are able to work all things through for Your people and Your glory, kingdom and name will shine forth through their testimonies when You bring all things to pass in accordance to the plans You have made individually for each one of their lives. 
You are not a God who is pleased with the wicked; You do not live with those who do evil. Those people who make fun of You cannot stand before You. You hate all those who do evil. You destroy liars; You Lord hate those who kill and trick others.
Because of Your great love, I can come into Your Temple. Because I fear and respect You, I can worship in Your holy Temple. Lord, since I have many enemies, show me the right things to do. Show me clearly how You want me to live.
Let everyone who trusts You be happy; let them sing glad songs forever. Protect those who love You and who are happy because of You. Lord, You bless those who do what is right; You protect them like a soldier’s shield forever and always in Christ we give all praise, thanksgiving, adoration and love to Him and bring honour and glory to Him forever and always. Amen.

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