Monday, 14 July 2014

New Blog Post: “God Listen’s to Me”


O my precious Lord would You please listen and answer me when I pray to You. I desire to do what is right but I need Your help to do this. Have mercy upon me and hear my prayer. You know that You Lord, have chosen me for Yourself those who are loyal to You. Lord, You will listen to me as I pray to You.
I shall do what is right as a sacrifice to the Lord and I will trust in the Lord. Many people ask, “Who will give us anything good?” Lord, I ask You to be kind to me. I thank you for making me very happy, happier than they are, even with all their grain and new wine. I go to bed and sleep in peace because, You Lord keep me safe.
Lord, listen to my words. Understand my sadness. Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, because I pray to you.
Lord, every morning and evening and even throughout the day You hear my voice. Each morning I pray for the heart and core of Your people and I wait for Your answer.
You are not a God who is pleased with the wicked; You do not live with those who do evil. Those people make fun of You cannot stand before You. You hate all those who do evil. You destroy liars; the Lord hates those who kill and trick others.
Because of Your great love, I can come into Your Temple. Because I fear and respect You, I can worship in Your holy Temple.
Lord, since I have many enemies, show me the right thing to do. Show me clearly how You want me to live and to handle things in the way Jesus does. He is the only One I desire to follow and I accept that He is the only Way to the Father. I acknowledge and accept that Jesus Christ You died for me a sinner on the Cross of Calvary; You forgave me all my sin. I now have freedom in Christ and am sealed with the Holy Spirit of God and belong to Him.  I desire to praise, adore, and love You and thank You for all the goodness You have given to me in this new life I now have in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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