Monday, 5 May 2014

New Blog Post: “God Will Lead Us”

This is what the Lord says: “I will guide and lead you into the centre of the plans I have made for your life. I shall take you out of the desert and I will bring you to inherit the land I promised to your forefather’s right back to Abraham and Sarah.
You shall be in the land that will be well watered and everything you touch will grow and flourish. I will make rivers flow on the dry hills and springs flow through the valleys. I will change the desert into a lake of water. I will make trees grow in the desert. People will see these things and understand; they will think carefully about these things and learn that the Lord’s power did this, that the Holy One of Israel made these things.”
The Lord says, “I, the Lord, called you to do right, and I will hold your hand and protect you. You will be a sign of My agreement with the people, a light to shine for all people. You will help the blind to see. You will free those who are in prison and you will lead those who live in darkness out of their prison I am the Lord. That is My name. I will not give My glory to another; I will not let idols take the praise that should be Mine. The things I said would happen have happened, and now I tell you about new things. Before those things happen, I tell you about them.”


Father, thank You for Your Word I receive it today. Thank You that You will guide and lead me into the centre of Your will in the plans You have made for my life. You are going to take me out of the desert and will bring me into the land You promised and I will inherit the land You promised to my forefather’s. This land will be well watered in Jesus Christ and everything I touch will grow and flourish in Him. You will make the rivers flow through the Holy Spirit of God and the desert which was dry will change into a lake of water enabling me to glorify and magnify God praising and honouring His name.
You will use me with the people to set the captives free from the darkness and prisons they are in. They will think carefully about these things because it is the Lord’s power within me who has done this through the Holy One of Israel.
You called me to do what is right and You hold my hand and protect me in the name of Jesus Christ. You have made me to be a sign of Your agreement with Your people a light to shine for all the people to see. I testify that the Lord Jesus Christ lives, dwells and abides within me and I will not give the glorify or praise to anyone other than my precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the Redeemer of my soul, spirit and heart whom I love and adore always and forever more. Amen.

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  1. Allow me to called you Mama Avril English. Thank you once again for sharing your heart with us . Also allow me to say that this message is a confirmation of God's calling in my Life . about 15 years ago God spoke the same massage into my Life . I am blessed to have you by my side.