Friday, 12 April 2013

New Blog Post: "Make Haste My Beloved" – Frances J. Roberts

Resurrection Life
My peace is yours, surrounding and supporting you. You may think My strength supports you, but it is actually My peace that makes you strong, because only the heart at rest can receive My life-flow. Many suffer bodily ills because their tension makes it impossible for them to receive life from Me.
I am constantly pouring out My life upon My children as the sun pours its rays upon the flowers, but the secret of receiving lies in the exposure. The flower concealed from the sun receives no light. It is the same with the soul. Tension becomes like a covering which shuts out My peace from the total person – body, soul and spirit, and produces illness in all these areas.
Wait upon Me in love and worship. Open your soul. My Spirit restores and revives. Resurrection life is your portion, and it becomes yours as you expose your soul to My love and light.

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