Thursday, 25 June 2020

‘Come and Join Me in God’s Word’ – God’s Unfailing Love

Psalm 13:5-6 NLT But I trust in Your unfailing love. I will rejoice because You have rescued me. I will sing to the Lord because He is good to me.


Sometimes, I feel God is slow to act on my behalf. Even, though many times I have felt like this I have not allowed my feelings and emotions to get in the way of my love and faith in God. I continue to trust God no matter how long I have to wait for God’s justice to be realised. When I become impatient, I remember God steadfastness, and ask Him to increase my  faith and love for Him.  When I have felt the pressure of my problems I have never given up or given in to my emotions, feelings, and despair, however I cling to Jesus Christ, and in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, He gives me the faith and strength and courage to carry on enabling and empowering to continually trust Him no matter what my circumstances may look like in the world.  




Gracious and loving God, I praise and thank You for given me Your unfailing love. I will rejoice in You because You have rescued me. I will sing praises to You my Lord and God, because You have always been good to me, even when I have not deserved it. I relinquish and yield all my emotions, feelings, and despair to You in the name of  Jesus Christ my precious Lord. I  ask You to increase me in my faith, love, confidence, and trust, enabling and empowering through the Holy Spirit of God, to live my life in the honour, glory, and praise of His holy and precious name. Amen

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