Friday, 14 February 2014

New Blog Post: “Surrender to God”

Surrendering your life to the authority of Jesus Christ is a daily decision. If we pray our requests before Christ and intercede for His people, then we must expect Him to answer us at His appointed time. We must never give up until we see our prayers answered. After all, He is an all-powerful and an all-knowing God. Whatever is needed in one’s life, He will take care of it for them. We need to pray daily to be empowered by the Spirit of God and be under the Holy Spirit’s leadership. We must stand firm in our faith in Christ. We need the Holy Spirit of God to enable us to do so. He gives us a new middle name “Stand”, and this is what we should intend to do when the enemy tries to steal from us. We stand in God and then throw the enemy back at him. Remembering our past, present, and future experience God has given us leads us to victory against them. God works many miracles within us and helps us deal with the many Goliath's we have experienced. He continues His deliverance within each of us daily and into the future. Walking in obedience and surrendering our lives to Christ is the only option we should want to take.

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