Friday, 28 February 2014

New Blog Post: "A House Of Prayer"- Daily Devotional

Help Me To Be Strong

Reading: Mark 9:24

“Receive God’s gift of faith.”


Father, I ask You to make me strong against the unbelief, which is within my family. Firstly, I will ignore their taunts. I will not respond to their scoffing, neither will I respond to their anger or rebuttal. It only feeds the fires of antagonism in them. Secondly, let me quietly and consistently continue in ministry in Jesus Christ to the glory, honour, and praise of God. Do not let me be intimidated by my unbelieving family members. I ask God to enable me to be faithful and to live a life consistent with a vibrant Christian life and before them as a witness. Thirdly, let me draw my strength from Jesus Christ in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit of God. Let me be amongst Christians who will encourage me, bless me, and pray for one another as I need this as they do. I commit this prayer to You in the Name of Jesus Christ with thanksgiving, love, and praise. Amen.

Lessons To Be Learnt

We must ask God to increase our faith in Him. This enables us to overcome the influences of non-believers. It is all about having the right attitude and trusting and having the confidence, which the Bible talks about. Faith is a gift from God. It does not matter how much faith you may think you have, you may never reach the point of being self-sufficient. Drawing faith from God is essential. It is a constant process of renewing our faith on a daily basis and by trusting in Christ Jesus. This is the only way one can live. The enemy tries to taunt us whether it is through family members, friends, or other people. We must not respond to these taunts nor should we become angry. This only feeds the fire of antagonism within them. We must praise and thank God quietly as this defuses anger and antagonism, and we can witness a vibrant Christian life before them and be Christ’s witnesses.

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