Monday, 9 September 2013

New Blog Post: "God’s Goodness"

How do you wish to serve God? Will you serve Him in your own strength or will you decide to depend upon His strength? Will you allow Him to guide and lead you in accordance to His will and plans?
Many times I have asked myself those same questions. When I depend and lean upon God I experience a very satisfied life. When I depend upon myself and do things in my own strength things do not go as smoothly as I would like.
Serving God should make me very rich and make me satisfied with what I have. I should not thirst and long for things God does not want me to have. I must be content in everything no matter what my situations or circumstances may be.
I want to serve God with all my heart, mind, spirit, body and soul doing things in His will. It is hard at times to get a correct balance when walking with God, but knowing the Holy Spirit of God is helping me and correcting me helps me to understand when I do things wrong. I ask Him to make me aware of my sin and when I step out of line to convict me of my sin so I am able to repent and ask Jesus to forgive me then my sin will not rule over me. The desire of my heart is to follow and walk with Jesus Christ being obedient and living a life completely surrendered to Him. Through the Scriptures I am able to follow the example He has left me to follow. Putting Him first in my life is the thing I desire to do. On no account do I want to be an obstacle standing in the way of God working within me.  
I came into this world with nothing, and know when I leave this world I can take nothing.
Satan wants me to chase after the things of the world and so he puts the temptations in front of me to try to deter me from walking with God. As a child of God I must run away from all those things which the enemy tries to tempt me with. The choice I make can determine whether I allow the enemy to have a foothold or stronghold over me. The Holy Spirit of God teaches me to fight the good fight in faith, and to serve God in a righteous and correct way. I must ask God to grant should me His grace and mercy giving me the faith, love, patience and gentleness to fight the good fight in faith grabbing hold of the life that continues forever. I was called to this life when I confessed the good confession before many witnesses, in the sight of God, who has given life to everything, through Jesus Christ and so He commands I obey Him.

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