Friday, 28 October 2016

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘God’s Love’

O my people, with an everlasting love; with loving-kindness I have drawn you to me. 
(Jeremiah 31:3 TLB)


Father, in the past I have looked to people for approval. I have compared myself with others and I was snared in the unstable notions of inferiority and superiority. You have put me on earth to be a star in Your kingdom and I will glorify You. When, I put You first, and my ways please You, You’ll will make my enemies at peace with me. I will put You first today and I will experience Your favour to accomplish my calling with dignity and success.
You, love me with an everlasting love; with loving-kindness You have drawn me to You. You want me to climb into Your arms of goodness, and snuggle up to You; into the safety of Your love and mercy so I can feel totally secure in Your nourishing care. You creating new passageways leading me into the holy chambers of Your heart. Wisdom and knowledge are my lighted beacons, and tell me, the joy of life is mine. You will not mislead me nor do You lie. You want me tucked in Your sweet embrace eating the fruit of contentment under Your watchful gaze. I shall take what You have for me today! I shall treasure Your words deep in my heart. Everything You have is mine to share with You now and for always in Jesus Christ my precious Lord. Amen.

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