Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New Blog Post: “Let God Lead You”

Psalm 32:8 KJV “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way thou shalt go.”


Father God, I desire for You to take me out of my comfort zone. I relinquish my plans back to You in Jesus’ name. I know my plans are imperfect, but You know my heart’s desire and You have promised to work out everything for my good and for Your glory.
I ask for Your ideas and direction and I will follow Your instructions and plans. I will be persistent in following You and I will not run ahead of You. I know it is impossible for me to follow You without Your presence being within me. When I feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied in my soul and spirit I know You are stirring me up to jump out of the nest enabling me to put my trust in You. You give me strength, courage, power and faith to encourage me to do this.
I know without Jesus I can do nothing, but in Christ Jesus, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.  Amen. 

Lessons to be Learnt

God has taught me to trust Him. When I felt I didn’t have enough faith to trust the plans He had for my life I would pray and ask God to increase my faith and put the confidence within my heart to enable me to believe in Him.  This has taken me many years of being persistent with God through prayer. It takes time for God to develop our faith with Him. He wants His children to have willing hearts and open up our hearts so He can instruct and teach us the way He wants us to go. Allowing God to have access in all the areas of our lives is the sensible thing to do. He gives us wisdom, insight, knowledge, understanding to do what is right in accordance to His will but He will never go anywhere He is not invited to go. We must want to step out of our comfort zone and trust Him that He knows best what is right for us. The Lord says in Isaiah 43:18-19 NCV “Forget what happened before and do not think about the past. Look at the new thing I am going to do. It is already happening. Don’t you see it? I will make a road in the desert and rivers in the dry land.” God gives us everything we need to fulfil the plans He has made for us we must follow His instructions and plans. He will enable and empower us from heaven above. He is persistent in His leading; this is why time is on our side.

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