Friday, 3 January 2020

Being Disciplined by the Holy Spirit of God

God shows being undisciplined and being unruly will get us into trouble (we lose His peace). The Lord will not allow us to be undisciplined, and He will not allow us to go against His written Word. He only wants what is best for His children; after all, He has planned each one of our lives. Being fully surrendered to Christ and being obedient to His will gives us freedom, peace, joy, and happiness within our spirit, heart, and soul. It is all about making the right choices and whether you want to obey Him or not. Only you can make that decision.


Holy Spirit, please help me to walk in submission and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not allow me to be undisciplined or be unruly, but help me to walk a godly and holy life with Jesus Christ. I ask You to set me free from everything that hinders Your plans for me.   Only You are worthy to be praised, adorned, and loved, and I will not worship anyone other than You. I ask this prayer in Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen

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