Monday, 31 August 2015

New Blog Post: A House Of Prayer - Daily Devotional

‘Come Into God’s House Daily to Meet with Him in Prayer’

‘Trust in God’

Reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8

“Our confidence is in Him.”


Lord Jesus, as a child of God I am learning to trust You more. Deep in my heart I know You are the only One I can trust completely. I put my confidence and trust in You, and I will be obedient to You. I know You love me unconditionally. Help me to acknowledge You in everything I do and never leave You out of anything I do. I receive the wisdom of God, to help me in difficult and uncertain times. I trust God to meet all my needs; my confidence and hope grows in Him. Holy Spirit, I ask You to plant me in the good seed and soil. Let my roots grow deep into the “Vine of God”. Let me abide in Christ, for without Him I can do nothing. In Him, I can do all things through Him who strengthen me. Water the fruit within me and produce a good and strong harvest where others will glorify and magnify my God and King. I bring all my thanksgiving, praise, and worship to Him. I can testify and witness the glory of God what He has done for me through my witness and testimony in the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Lessons To Be Learnt

When we are troubled we must not trust in human beings. We cannot draw our strength from them but must put our trust in the Lord. He gives us abundant strength not only for our own needs but also for the needs of others. We must put our confidence and trust in obedience to Him. He loves us unconditionally, so acknowledging Him in everything we do is the honourable thing to do not leaving Him out of anything but always including Him in our decision making. God gives us His wisdom to help us in difficult and uncertain times. We need to abide in Jesus Christ, and without Him we are helpless and can do nothing.

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