Monday, 30 March 2015

New Blog Post: ‘Humble Yourselves Before God’

1 Peter 5:6 KJV ‘Humble yourselves that He may exalt you’.


Father, do not let my ego get in the way of Your blessings towards me. Deal with my inferiority, for it stands in the way of my walk with God. I ask for the identical heart of Christ Jesus to be within my own heart. I ask Him to enable and empower me to be humble, meek and lowly just the way He is. I desire to follow His example and teachings which are written in the Word of God. I depend upon the Holy Spirit of God who is my ‘Helper and Comforter’ whom God sent as a seal of ownership that I belong to Him. I am His child and He will help me to keep my eyes, mind and heart focused upon Christ in all the things I do. He will guide and lead me with His counsel and teachings for He orders my steps as I follow Him.  
I know You have a great plan and purpose for my life. Help me enable and empower me to be patient and endure until You are ready to birth the vision You have prepared for my life to the earth.
Let me wait upon God and do not let me force things to happen in my own will, strength and power. Let me always remember the result of what happens to me in my life is because of the Lord’s blessings He places upon me and they are not in my own doing.
I shall trust in God and He shall bless me according to His timetable and His abundance. When others ignore me, disrespect me, unfairly criticise or back stab me, I will not succumb to believe any of the lies that come from the enemy.
I am what I am in Christ Jesus, and He loves and accepts me just as I am. When the fiery darts of the enemy are aimed at me and they try to scorch my defences; my Heavenly Father, will protect me as I stay humble, meek and lowly before Him. He knows my God-given identity, I am a child of God, whom I exalt, adore and love His praises shall be upon my lips forever more in Christ Jesus my precious Lord. Amen. 

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