Monday, 15 January 2018

New Blog Post – ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘God’s Peace‘

Then I lay down and slept in peace and woke up safely, for the Lord was watching over me. (Psalm 3:5 TLB)

God is the only One who can give us peace, rest and safety. As we trust and put our faith in Him, He will watch over us daily. Being busy all the time takes us away from God. BUSY, means: ‘Being Under Satan’s Yoke.’ This is what Satan wants, he wants us to be BUSY because it takes our focus off God. I knew God was showing me He wanted me to rest in Him. He wanted me to rest in His Spirit, and be attentive to His Spirit. He wanted me to practise sitting in His presence throughout the day, and I had already decided I would obey Him. Satan was trying to deter me from doing this as he wanted me to come away from God, he did not want me to meditate on God’s Word nor did he want me to worship or praise God. God wanted to strengthen me and draw me closer to Himself and I wanted this too. Sometimes we get distracted from walking along the path God has for us. We must have faith, persistence, and self-discipline to enable us to do what God wants us to do for our lives. This is learnt through the Holy Spirit of God. He gives us His blessings and strength to walk in the ways of God and not in the ways of man. We must be led by God through Jesus Christ, listening to the Holy Spirit at all times; taking steps as He leads us through each moment of the day. So, let your hearts and minds rest on Christ, through needful prayer and worship, and be sensitised to His voice; understanding what He will require from us.

And the Lord replied, “I myself will go with you and give you success.” (Exodus 33:14 TLB)

Always be joyful. Always keep on praying.  No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 TLB)

I will praise the Lord no matter what happens. I will constantly speak of his glories and grace. (Psalm 34:1 TLB)

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