Friday, 5 February 2016

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House And Meet With Him In Prayer’ –‘You Listen To My Prayer’s’

Oh! Listen to my prayer (Psalm 54:2 TLB)


Oh, my precious God, will You listen to my prayer’s for the heart of Your people. Regard my prayer’s as a living sacrifice and increase wafting up to You within me. You are close to all who call upon You sincerely. You fulfil the desires of those who revere and trust You; You hear my cries for help to rescue me. You protect those who love You, but You will destroy the wicked.
I will never underestimate the power of my prayer's. I shall always continue faithfully in my prayer's for Your people In the precious name of Jesus Christ. My prayers have sailed up into the heaven’s atmosphere to Him and He has despatched angels to the needs and call of Your people. You have given me all authority, power and dominion to shake worlds and confound demons in the authority of my prayers in Christ. I can move the mountains in faith, because my faith is in Jesus Christ, and in His power and not my own power. I trust Him to act on my behalf of my prayers, as I petition to Him. 
You will pour out Your blessings upon me. Blessings in the city, in the field; many children ample crops; large flocks and herds; blessings of fruit and bread; blessings when I come in, blessings when I come out. Everything I touch will be blessed by Your precious and holy name. I thank You with all of my heart, that my strength and courage is in the Lord my God forever and always in Jesus Christ. Amen.

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