Thursday, 18 August 2016

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘God Is My Hope‘

O Lord, you alone are my hope; I’ve trusted you from childhood. Yes, you have been with me from birth and have helped me constantly—no wonder I am always praising you! 
(Psalm 71:5-6 TLB)

.                                                                Prayer

Father God, You alone are my hope; I've trusted You from childhood. Yes, You have been with me from birth and have helped me constantly – no wonder I am always praising You!
You have been talking to me since before I was born. You were the first one who welcomed me into the world when my mother gave birth to me. You've loved and cherished me forever, and yet I haven't always been aware of Your presence. It took me forty years before I was aware of Your existence, before I heard You calling me by my name.
Your presence was subtle, unpredictable, and supernatural. You revealed Yourself to me in the sacred halls of my heart – in the early hours of the morning; I heard You calling my name. I recognised Your still small voice and acknowledge You as my Saviour and Lord, who told me everything that had been wrong in my life, You the Lord my God would put all things right. 
Jesus, You never cease to amaze me. You are constantly changing me and rearranging me knitting and shaping me into Your desired will. I willingly want to do things in Your will and ways in submission and obedience to Christ. No more do I want to walk a disobedient life of sin, but I want to live a life of righteousness, holiness, and godliness and through the help of God’s Holy Spirit, He will enable and empower me to do this for I ask Him in His  name. Amen.

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