Monday, 6 June 2016

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘Loneliness ‘

This letter is from Paul,  Jesus Christ’s slave, chosen to be a missionary, and sent out to preach God’s Good News. This Good News was promised long ago by God’s prophets in the Old Testament.

.                                                                        Prayer

O my beloved God, You have chosen me to go out to preach Your Good News. This Good News was promised long ago by Your prophets in the Old Testament.
Although many times I have felt terrible loneliness, I realise this goes with the high calling which includes a certain amount of loneliness – and also separation from sin and removing myself from worldly pleasures that wilt the heart and dry up the spirit. You have chosen me; the old vacuous, cheap patterns of life no longer fit me. I have thrown off the old ill-fitting coat for my one-of-a-kind Holy Spirit designer robe. Loneliness won’t last for long, when I see in the spirit that I am surrounded by a great and enormous cloud of delighted friends as witnesses loving me and cheering me on forever and always through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.

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