Monday, 25 May 2015

New Blog Post: 'A House Of Prayer' - Daily Devotional

Overcoming My Imagination

Reading: 1 John 4:4

“Focus your mind on God.”


Father, help me to overcome the powers of my imagination, because sometimes they can be a source of trouble to me. Do not let me entertain any ideas that are not pleasing to God. Help me to think clearly and exercise self-control. I shall fix my thoughts on what is true, honourable, and right. I will think about things that are excellent and are worthy of praise. I will keep putting into practice all I learn from You and hear You and have seen You doing. Let the God of Peace be with me. I look forward to the special blessings, which will come to me at the return of Jesus Christ my Saviour. The work You began within me will see me through always and forever more. I come to Him through the supernatural power of His Spirit, with praise, worship, and thanksgiving for all You do within me. Amen.

Lessons To Be Learnt

The enemy does all he can to cause us trouble. Before we become Christians, he had a hold on our minds, which caused our minds to be all over the place. But since becoming Christians, making our peace with God through the Holy Spirit of God and prayer has helped to bring our minds in focus on God. We begin to realize the enemy has no right to our minds and tries to get hold of our mind-set to cause our imaginations to become a minefield. Having the Holy Spirit giving us His discernment, we are able to recognize the evil forces at work, and we turn straight to God in the name of Jesus and ask the Lord for help. He is the only One who helps us to overcome the enemy. He has already conquered evil on the Cross. We must ask Jesus to help us think clearly and exercise self-control and not entertain any ideas, which are not pleasing to God. You have to come to the special place with God to realize nothing can touch you without the Lord’s permission.

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