Monday, 4 May 2015

New Blog Post: 'A House Of Prayer' - Daily Devotional 'Plant the Seeds'

Plant the Seeds

Reading: 1 Corinthians 3:6

“God makes the seeds grow.”


O my beloved God, You sent Your Holy Spirit, to be my Helper, Counsellor, and Advocate. He will not do everything for me, as I must do my part also. I ask You to show me where I should plant the seed of Christ in the hearts of men/women and children. I ask the Holy Spirit of God to water and cultivate these seeds and pull out all the weeds so these plants can grow in their lives. I ask You to produce a great and healthy harvest from the seeds of Christ, which are planted to bring glory and honour to God through my witness and testimony. I will not try to do Your part anymore nor will I do things in my strength. I will be obedient to Your commands in the submission to Your Spirit in Christ Jesus name. Amen.

Lessons To Be Learnt

We must plant the seeds of Christ in every heart and pray God’s Spirit will water the seeds and make them grow. We have to believe that He will lead us to His people and trust that He will speak to them through us to bring the Good News of the Gospel of Christ to them. We must do this in faith. As long as we do our part, God will do the rest. He knows who His people are. He knew them before the world began. Prayer is the key to all things with God. We must communicate with Him and ask Him to work His supernatural power in the lives of His people. After all, He is the only One who can make His people grow into strong believing Christians.

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