Monday, 27 November 2017

New Blog Post: ‘Come Into God’s House and Meet with Him in Prayer’ – ‘Obey Him‘

“Just tell them to sit down on the ground in groups of about fifty each,” Jesus replied. So they did. (Luke 9:14-15 TLB)

Do you think God would ask us to do something that we and He together couldn’t handle together?  We are often tempted to lean upon our own resources, and let those resources limit what our beliefs and actions in Him will be. We have to learn to trust Him. We can do this if we continually ask the Holy Spirit of God to help us. He doesn’t want us to do what is natural – He wants us to walk by faith and lean upon His supernatural power through Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit of God. We must apply His words to each situation, and by faith obey Him. There is nothing impossible that God cannot do. Watch what He will do through you and around you. Our limitations are not His limitations. Just trust Him, and see what He will do.


Heavenly Father, how grateful and thankful I am to You, for sending Your Holy Spirit to live and reside in me. He has given me the confidence, faith, and supernatural power to trust in You, and He helps me to have confidence and faith to believe nothing is impossible for God. You have increased my faith to believe in Jesus Christ, and He will do everything He has said and promised me at His appointed time. Amen.

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